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The cost of joining CoffeeWorks as a volunteer tourist is extremely competitive and volunteer tourists can satisfyingly know that every dollar invested in their experience will directly benefit the community of El Airo. CoffeeWorks values its volunteer tourists and their motivation to serve and is dedicated to keep fees to a minimum. Also, remember that you choose how much you work and help structure your agenda so that the experience is as satisfying as possible. For more on Volunteer Tourism please see:



The CoffeeWorks $340 monthly fee is designed to:

  • Cover the costs of providing volunteer tourists basic services such as housing, meals and transportation
  • Provide CoffeeWorks host farmers, volunteer coordinators and community guides guides a small remuneration for the hard work they put in to making the volunteer experience possible
  • Cover small operating costs such as printing, phone and internet
  • Contribute to a small fund designed to advance the coffee commercialization and coffee tourism initiatives as well as general community development projects



And includes:

  • A personal CoffeeWorks guide dedicated to integrating volunteer tourists into the community through community events and excursions with daily availability to answer questions or concerns
  • Daily education in organic farming practices with a focus on coffee production (excluding Saturday and Sunday)
  • A private room with lock
  • Access to a bathroom and shower
  • 3 meals per day
  • Transportation from the Loja bus terminal or Loja (Catamayo) airport upon arrival to the program
  • Lunch in Cariamanga on the day of arrival to El Airo from Loja



Provided for an extra fee:

  • Transportation from the Quito airport to a hostel and back on the day of arrival
  • Lodging in a Quito-based hostel for the night of arrival

NOTE: Please see the Getting to El Airo section for more details.



Does not include:

  • International flight to and from Ecuador
  • Flight or bus transportation from Quito to Loja and back
  • Snacks
  • Transport and spending money for personal excursions


The volunteer tourist fee is:

  • $405 for the first month
  • $300 for the second month
  • $280 for the third month
  • $315 if you volunteer 3 weeks
  • $255 if you volunteer 2 weeks
  • $195 if you volunteer 1 week*

* Only national or foreign volunteer tourists currently in Ecuador may volunteer for 1 week although a minimum of 2 weeks is strongly encouraged for maximum impact.

NOTE: CoffeeWorks will not be accepting volunteer tourists between January and March due to the heavy rains received annually in El Airo.


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Hear directly from a CoffeeWorks Volunteer Tourist on YouTube

Volunteer tourist preps green coffee beans for cleaning.

Volunteer tourist sorts and cleans green coffee beans for roasting.

Volunteer tourist roasts coffee beans over a fire.

Volunteer tourist grinds freshly roasted beans, preparing them for a fresh cup of joe.