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Hike, Bike & Camp:          

El Airo is a outdoor enthusiast´s paradise! There are several trails with amazing views both relaxing and that will get your heart pumping. Your guide will show you around these natural treasures. In late 2011, a self-guided trail system will open with maps and signage so that you can hike to your heart´s content! In addition, if you love biking there are mountain bikes and if you like trekking there are tents available for CoffeeWorks volunteers. 

  • Day Hike to rivers and gorgeous waterfalls!
  • Overnight Hike and Camp in the paramo eco-system in Yacuri National Park!
  • Mountain Bike downhill 12km from El Airo to the bottom of the mountain! (a truck can bring you back up)
  • Hike through coffee farms and low-lying cloud forests!
  • Catch incredible views of endless mountain peaks and the valleys between them
  • Hike El Airo’s highest peak, Mt. Airo



Partake in cultural traditions by joining in town fiestas:

  • Fiesta de Las Cruces - May
  • Fiestas de San Vicente - June
  • Fiestas de los clubs deportivos - July
  • Fiestas de La Parroquia - August

This is the biggest and most important fiesta of the year! It commemorates the foundation of El Airo and beckons residents from all over Ecuador and abroad to return and share in the festivities.



  • Visit the famous “Valley of Longevity”, Vilcabamba known for its “backpacker resorts” and relaxed vibe
  • Visit Podocarpus National Park and hike through paramo highlands
  • Visit Loja, the provincial capital, and catch a Serie A futbol match
  • Visit Zamora and get a taste of Ecuador´s beautiful amazonian landscape
  • Visit Cuenca, the most charming city in Ecuador
  • Visit Ingapirca, the most important archaeological ruins in Ecuador


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Volunteer hiking in the southern Ecuadorian Andes, led by a young community member.

Children performing traditional Ecuadorian dances during the weeklong "Fiestas de la Parroquia" festival.

Flora in El Airo's Ecuadorian Andes.

A stunning site, the dome church of Cuenca, Ecuador, rises above the city.